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I’ll be teaching my first ever evening Memoir and Life Story Writing course at Robbins Library, in Arlington, Massachusetts. It will meet on 4 consecutive Wednesdays, beginning on October 1. Sign up for this free course! Only 6 open spots remain.

I’ll also again be teaching the free Teen Creative Writing Class at Robbins Library, in Arlington, Massachusetts. Six (6) alternating Monday evenings from 6 – 7:30, beginning on September 8. Although it looks like the program is sold out, there is space for 2 more students, so register here.

Join the Tuesday afternoon Creative Writing course at the Arlington Senior Center. We begin on Tuesday, September 2. Call 781.316.3421 to register. The cost is $55.00.

My Belmont Memoir and Family History writing class will meet for five (5) Tuesday mornings in September. It’s a great class; you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn. Call 617.993.2977 to register. The cost if $45.00.

In the winter, I expect to again teach the information-packed Preparing Your Manuscript—and Yourself for the Public. A super informative class; you’ll walk away with the answers to your all how-to questions. Details available soon.

If you’re skeptical about taking any of these classes, read over my Testimonials to see what my students, colleagues, and clients say about working with me. They’ll tell you that they learn a lot and that we have a blast.

I’m also available to help you with your business or creative writing projects, so let’s talk. Use the Contact tab above to send me an email.

Elm Bank Horticultural Gardens

Elm Bank Horticultural Gardens

15 Responses to “Upcoming Teaching Events”

  1. Hi, Lynette…didn’t have an email address for you, but wanted you to accept my thanks for the knowledge and experience you share with us in the group still in session at the Waltham Senior Center; so many pieces of info I’ve not even thought about since high school days..slowly returning to the front of my mind.

    I have a conflict for the Friday, Nov. 13th 1:30 timeslot and cannot be present at that time; will definitely be there for Nov. 18th session at 1pm for the Bentley students and then continue with your program. Take Care…LuLu

  2. WOW, your blog looks great and it is inspiring. I am a late bloomer too. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. lynpym says:

    Hi, Renee:

    Thanks for your comment. I just took a quick look at your web site. You wouldn’t happen to have some suggestions for getting rid of hot flashes? I’ve suffered from them for years! Tx.

    – Lynette

  4. Phyllis Van says:

    Time to update your upcoming events page, Lynette. Love and hugs, Phyl

  5. lynpym says:

    Surprise me with a non-snarky comment!

  6. Have you got some upcoming events? Be well and warm. Liz

  7. I’ll be teaching at Arlington Senior Center in April, Lexington Minuteman in May. Still teaching in Waltham and Westwood. How are you?

    I’m sending you Polish and Publish. Enjoy.

  8. Hello again, Lynette!

    Awesome job!

    – Jeff

  9. cindy says:

    Are you the Lynette I knew and loved in the 70s as a colleague at the dysfunctional CCED? Will be at your Robbins Library/Arlington presentation. Can’t believe I found you after all these years! I write too, and am looking for courage.


  10. Yes, I am she! Looking forward to seeing you at my writing workshop.

  11. Hi Lynette,

    I’ve been checking out your site, and I love so many of the things you’ve said about writing memoir. I see you follow your inner guidance about how to write. I’ll bet you are a great teacher.

    I’d love to hear more about your memoir “My Mother’s Money.” Sounds like a fresh idea—your life of course, and difficult material to unearth, but still a surprising filter through which to explore the past and tell a story.

    Hope this reaches you. Could not find another way to contact you.

    All my best,
    Lisa Dale Norton

  12. Thank you, Lisa. I *am* a great teacher, and as I told you, I use your book in my classes! ;-) I also retweet your sensitive wisdom about writing memoir. I’ll be in touch with you directly through email.

  13. Irene Kricorian says:

    I was wondering if you would be available to look over some of my writing
    privately. I have gathered many documents, photos,and stories over the years and would like to put them into a memoir as a gift for each of my grandkids. My daughter (who is a writer) tells me to just keep writing every day. However, it seems that I have volumes of written pages! I need help putting them together in a way that will be interesting and informative. Do you do that sort of thing? private coaching? (or whatever you call it.)

  14. Sure I do that, Irene. I’ll contact you privately through email.

  15. Frank says:

    It was nice blogs!!!!!!!!!
    Teaching is my favorite from my childhood. I want to be a good teacher. Teachers need to pull together and make the community and themselves acutely aware that “I’m a teacher, I touch the future!”

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