What Kind of Personal Essays Do You Like?

That’s me, Lynette

Since I write personal essays and teach that subject to my writing students, I give a good deal of thought to that nonfiction genre. What is a personal essay? A narrative personal essay? A reflective (or contemplative) personal essay. And which type do publishers prefer today?

If you write short nonfiction works, you might benefit from reading a recent personal essay of mine. It was just published on one of the very best literary web sites around, Brevity. Take a stroll around the site to see its rich offerings. You won’t regret it.

But back to my own essay on Brevity. It’s called Making Room for Both the Narrative and Reflective Essay. Click on one of the stars at the top to indicate how useful (or well written) you feel the piece is. And please leave a comment, or at least read the comments left by others. That’s a good way to become familiar with other people’s thinking on the topic. And of finding out that you’re not alone in your own views.

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3 thoughts on “What Kind of Personal Essays Do You Like?

  1. Hi Lynette, your essay on Brevity was fabulous with well thought out and supported content, making good points. I never really realized there was a difference between the two…I just write what I have on my mind!

  2. Hi Lynette,
    Congratulations on having an essay published in Brevity! It is, indeed, one of best journals around. (Dinty Moore started it, If I recall correctly. I’ll check.) I’ll get over there asap to read it. I’m sure it’s terrific! I’m in the process of writing an essay for booksforwomen.org / @WomenWriters. It’s not easy. I’m eager to read yours.
    BTW, I have a cover and title for my book. If you haven’t yet signed up post notification on my blog at my website, please do – and you can see book and cover on today’s post. I’m posting once a week – on Thursdays, so the posts shouldn’t be a time burden! Today it’s about the terrible 1967 riots of July 1967.

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