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LB-WALKING-225x300A couple of years ago, I wrote a post called Life’s Little Infuriations. I’m working on another one now.

How about submitting your nagging annoyances in a comment here so I can include them in the post?

I know you’ve got them. One might be that your carefully-crafted, open-face sandwich always falls on the floor with the filling face down. Another could be my bugging you all the time to leave a comment—which, not to put to fine a point on it, most of you ignore.

I probably should offer some inducement, say a prize for the best, to get you to contribute your infuriations, but I’m dreaming up a contest for my other site (Stylish Ole Woman), and that’s enough contest creating. Anyway, it’s possible you’ll find that just getting your irritations off your chest and out to the public are reward enough.

Edgeworthia Bush, Smithsonian Garden,  March 2014

Edgeworthia Bush, Smithsonian Garden, March 2014

I doubt if the laws of physics will stop adversely acting on your sandwiches, but perhaps people who are guilty of some sins and slights will read your complaints and change their behavior.

Please tweet and post on Facebook to help me spread the word. Thanks.

While I wait to receive your infuriations, I’ll be working on my next post: Keeping Your Journal Private Might Be Easier Than You Think.

13 thoughts on “Contribute Your Little Infuriations

  1. There do seem to be a lot of them lately for me! Let’s see:
    – Twitter. In every way.
    – When the back button doesn’t work after a Google search, because Google’s inserted a bunch of stupid invisible ad links (you can see them if you click and hold the back button).
    – What a PITA it is to get a web application to work on an upgraded version of the server it was built for (my current day job project).
    – Feeling tired all the time, and grumpy because of it–then feeling bad for feeling bad, because it’s not like I’m fighting cancer or anything.
    – People who drive slow in the left lane of the freeway – and by “slow,” I mean slower than the middle lane they’re supposed to be passing. Slower than the speed limit in the left lane (in good conditions, of course) should be illegal – I’ve heard people getting run off the road for this (and I couldn’t bring myself to feel sorry for them).

    I’ll stop now! LOL. Maybe more people will leave some comments!

  2. Oh! I forgot all the computer problems, failures, and disappointments we endure on a daily basis. That could be a whole infuriations post in itself! Thanks for reminding me.

  3. How cathartic!

    I was just thinking about this one yesterday: when people don’t take the plastic off a new product, i.e. the plastic over the screen of their iPhone, or the plastic over a car radio.

    Another one that really grates on me is when people place objects (usually cup, glasses, or plates) too close to the edge of a table. I have to push it back a couple of inches or I’m convinced it will fall.

    Oh, while we’re at it, throw in grocery shoppers who walk slowly/don’t know where they’re going. I’m not a patient person.

    Good luck on your post! Looking forward to reading it.

  4. I can relate to the one about the plates, cups, and glasses too close to the edge of a table or counter. Makes me crazy, and like you,I push it back. The object always seems to be beside an animated person who’s waving his or her arms. An accident that’s found a place to happen.

  5. When I put on a pair of pantyhose or tights and figure out after they’re all the way on that they’re backwards. I have this problem with my gym pants, too. I should probably sew big X’s on the inside, in bright colored thread…
    The way the gas meter goes real slow from full to three-quarters to half to one-quarter and then suddenly goes from one-quarter to empty when I’m not looking.
    When, at work, people don’t put the critical information in the subject of their email, so every time there’s a new message in a thread I have to look it up.
    Oh! Another work one: when there’s a very active email thread, and a bunch of people start replying all saying to take them off the distribution list, and then others reply all to tell them not to reply all…
    This one is really minor, but it bugs me: ordering tea at a restaurant, and getting a cup of warm water and a tea bag. At least pour the water over the tea bag before bringing it to me!

  6. These are so funny – it’s really hilarious to read everyone’s nagging annoyances. Feels good. Since my brain isn’t working like it used to, I hope I can remember some.
    – When grocery clerks “throw” my food after they scan it.
    – When I can’t see the writing on a prescription bottle.
    – When I can’t OPEN that prescription bottle.
    – The dopey tv remote that prints everything in black over black so you can’t see a dam thing, including the volume control.
    – Speaking of volume control, when I eat in a restaurant and the music is so loud and scratchy that you can’t have a normal conversation with your friend.
    – After having been a super-speller for years, all of a sudden I can’t, for the life of me, remember how to spell a simple word.
    – When I cannot think of a simple word in the middle of my sentence, and I stand there staring into space trying to find it in my head.
    – I can relate to that cold tea at the restaurant.
    – I also hate when the waitress/waiter asks “do you want change”? (why ask? if I don’t want change I will TELL you to keep the rest)
    – When store salespeople or anywhere, stand around chit chatting while I am waiting to ask a question or check in or pay.
    – So many more

  7. I am a genealogist. I am very annoyed when I go to a website where people can leave inquiry posts asking for help with their family lines—but for the subject line they put: Need Help or Looking for Family. What? Of course you are looking for family! Else why would you be putting in a query? TELL us the surname in the subject! That way everyone will know if they have anything to contribute or a common surname, and we can follow a surname thread.

    Oh and since you asked: I am from a Northern state where we are always asked “Paper or plastic” at the checkout lane. I actually bring my own cloth reuseable bags most of the time. I am currenty visiting a Southern state where they automatically put just 3 things into a plastic bag, then start putting 3 things into another plastic bag. I’ve only been here a week and have ten small plastic bags that I”ll need to find recycling for. Aaackkkkkk! Stop that!

  8. People who wait in line, but when its time to pay for their items, have to empty out their bags or pockets to find, cash, or charge card

  9. Oh, Barbara, I know what you mean!!! All that time in the line, you’d think they’d have their act and their money together by the time they reached checkout.

  10. My kids know what they are supposed to do: put their dishes in the dishwasher, clean their bathroom sink once in a while, brush their hair and teeth. Yet they don’t do it. When I remind them (yet again), they say I’m nagging!

  11. My iPad keyboard or any keyboard that doesn’t put the @ symbol with the lower-case letters. grrrrrrrr!

    Oh, here’s one you Yankees probably never have to endure: drivers who swing wide to make turns — they’re driving a car, not a tractor trailer. And the driver doesn’t have to be an old man in a gimme hat, either.

    Lastly, autoco”wrecked.” Definitely a love/hate thing there.

  12. We could probably write a book about all the irritating quirks our devices have. I hate my iPhone changing the words I write to stupid, impossibly wrong words. No, I don’t think we have a lot of trouble with drivers swinging way out to make a turn, but trust me, we’ve got our share of other not so smart moves. Like dashing at 40 mph into a rotary (or roundabout) when they don’t have the right of way.

    Another edition of Life’s Little Infuriations in coming. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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