This is One of the 100 Best Websites for Writers – 2014

This website right here made the list, folks. Tools and Tactics for Writers is #71, and it’s in phenomenal company with all the big names in writing web sites.

So, take a look at the posts that can help you in your writing. (You can find them by category in the list on the right.) And, if you’ve been dragging your feet (or your cursor) about subscribing to this blog, I hope you will now, since it’s one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers – 2014!

Thanks to The Write Life for including me. And thank you to all of you who’ve followed this blog, left comments, suggested topics, and supported me throughout. We couldn’t have made the list without you!
I hope you’ll also visit my other web site, The Stylish Ole Woman.

21 thoughts on “This is One of the 100 Best Websites for Writers – 2014

  1. Best wishes Lynette,
    Soon after I began taking your dynamic writing classes I started checking out your web site. I find it’s been helpful and a great resource with lots of information for writers.

    Bill Mitropoulos

  2. Okay, Terry. That’s what I’ll shoot for next year—the top spot! 🙂

    The odd thing is that I didn’t know anything at all about this (so I couldn’t campaign for it). I only found out when I saw Mary Wasmuth’s tweet about it last night. (Go, Mary! I’m so glad you let me and others know.)

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