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Welcome to a new feature on this blog!

That's me, showing off my bracelet

That’s me, showing off my bracelet

I’m the Stylish Ole Woman.

You might be one too, and you probably know others—women who, into their fifties, sixties, and seventies plus, cherish fashion as if it were—pardon the pun—going out of style. They want to be stylish, but instead have succumbed to daily doses of the too-bright blouses splashed with enormous flowers (on glaring white backgrounds) and slacks with excess fabric ruched up into elastic waistbands which, half the time, only make their own waists look larger.

I’ve begun this feature because few of those in the fashion industry are talking about us or to us—women who like to feel good and look good, in spite of injuries, infirmities, and insomnia; cortisone shots to and replacement of knees and hips; surgeries and treatments that feel worse than the disease; or feet that seem determined to fall apart. Few outlets carry clothes for us, or take into account our challenges in trying to remain stylish, despite any and all of those conditions.

My perked up summer toes

My perked up summer toes

The Fight Against Frumpdom
But, here on this fashion blog for women 50 and over, we’ll exchange ideas about how to avoid frumpdom; and I hope you’ll be entertained and inspired by other aging issues I raise—the ones with little or nothing to do with fashion.

Caveat: If you prefer super flashy fashion photos, this isn’t the blog for you. For one thing, it’s not my intention to mimic the glamorous blogs that focus exclusively on fashion. (Who am I trying to kid? Given the chance to get my hands—legally—on fabulous photos of older women models, I’d post them here in a snap.)

For another, I haven’t got the budget for glossy, professional photos of for-real models (although I hope you’ll enjoy the amateur photos here—like the ones of my brown and turquoise toe nails above, and of my friend Lesley’s fancy feet, below).

Lesley's fancy footwear

Lesley’s fancy footwear

If strong interest in the SOW posts materializes, I’ll migrate them to their own blog. (Maybe I’ll even spring for a professional photo or two . . .) But, until then, they’ll remain here on my writing advice blog, along with . . . writing advice.

Please come back to read my next SOW post: The Magazines Let Me Down.

Got something to say? I’m interested. Please leave a comment. Or send it to me at

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9 Responses to “Introducing The Stylish Ole Woman”

  1. sandra says:

    Give me Leslie’s shoes now!

  2. Terry says:

    I’d like to apply for membership in the “Fight Against Frumptom” club please. I belong there.

    Love your ideas for this blog and look forward to laughing at myself and learning new tips to beat the Frumpies.

  3. Linda Gartz says:

    Very clever idea, Lynette! And might I add… You look MAH-VALOUS! Love the toes. and the shoes. I’ve found that the brightly colored skinny jeans at the Gap with a contrasting, equally-bright top makes for very uplifting and youngish, casual panache without making me look like I’m trying to dress like a teenager. They are ageless and the perky colors made me feel quite up-to-date this past summer and spring. Reasonable too.

    Keep it up. I’m getting back to my writing after about five months of finally paying attention to my house. Must say, it’s a welcome and fresh new look, but boy, what a time suck! Hope to hear more from you and you from me!

  4. Hi Linda! Wonderful to have you back among us writers. Major congrats on your house reno project!

    I haven’t tried the super skinny jeans look; maybe I should give them a try.

    Glad you like the SOW idea; it’s tons of fun. I hope you’ll stop back by for another visit.

  5. I’ll be happy to oblige—although you’re anything but a frump—Terry. Thanks for the vote of confidence. See you soon!

  6. Lesley Peebles says:

    So glad this blog exists! This could really catch on. And maybe then the marketers will start paying attention to us!

    I always worry that skinny jeans make me look short and squat, though I do love bright colors, especially fully-saturated jewel tones. I’m trying to learn to wear scarves – a lot of older women look really good, but they have some knack I don’t.

  7. Don’t know where your fear of skinny jeans comes from. You wear wear them and look tall and slim in them.

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