Life’s Little “Infuriations”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople who say, “I’m a good person.”

The variations in sizing among women’s clothing manufacturers. Sometimes I wear a 6, or even a 4. Other times a 10. Impossible to order clothes via the Web.

People who keep talking, even start a new topic, after I say, “Well, goodbye, I have to go (or hang up) now.”

Those who only want to communicate via phone, never email, although I suggest we do a little of both. On the phone I have to be on my toes, unreflective, ready to ask and answer. (As an introvert, the phone is like daylight to a vampire.) Not to mention that the caller and I have to organize our schedules so that we’re both available at the same time.

The impossibility of finding an address to write a letter or email to a company.

Bloggers whose posts I share, who never, under any circumstances share mine, although we write on related topics for similar audiences.

Having to buy big sealed plastic bags of food or bunches of produce for just my husband and me.

Excessive skincare product packaging.

Most recent check-in time for B&Bs: 4:00. Out the next day by 11:00 a.m. Charged for 24 hours, but getting only 19.

People who insist, they’ve “always wanted to write,” but never make an attempt.

Oh, and stale cupcakes sold to me by my neighborhood baker, after I asked if they were fresh, she replied: “Oh, yes. Don’t worry about that.”

When I noticed half a red velvet cupcake left uneaten by a sugar-loving friend, I cracked off a piece. Hard. Dry.

When I told the baker about it, she blamed her refrigerator and offered neither a refund nor replacement. I used to buy pastries from her as an end-of-the-course treat for my creative writing students; now, the lady’s lost my business.

Got any infuriations of your own? As my pal E. Victoria Flynn says, hit me up.

10 thoughts on “Life’s Little “Infuriations”

  1. Oh yes, bloggers whose posts I comment on multiple times who have never once left me a comment or shared one of my posts. Yet I see them on other peoples’ blogs regularly. I’ve unsubscribed from several WANA blogs for this. I don’t expect something every time, but why should I support people who -never – support me?

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Jennette. I, too, have unsubscribed from some blogs, since reciprocity and interaction are critical. I don’t just want people talking to me and not listening, so to speak.

  3. Oh yes, great topic!
    My top 3 for today are:
    – Drivers who don’t know how to merge into traffic
    – People who don’t keep their word
    – Not being able to get basic stats directly from Twitter instead of having to use third-party tools.

    We’ll see how these hold up tomorrow. 😉
    Happy new year to you!
    -Chris at

  4. Yeah, Chris. I forgot about that business I needing to use third parties to get Twitter stats. I hate not being able to alphabetize my followers and those I’m following. And as for inept mergers . . .!

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  7. My favorite line from your funny post is: ‘As an introvert, the phone is like daylight to a vampire’.

    Infuriations? I have a million.
    – When contractors don’t return phone calls.
    – When drivers make believe that “the right of way” doesn’t exist anymore
    – When waitresses or waiters, at the end of the meal, say “do you want me to bring back change?”
    – When baggers at supermarkets put the delicate stuff on the bottom of the heavy stuff.
    – I could go on and on.

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