Reasons Writing Gets Rejected

Most writing fails to get published because of one main reason:

The quality of the writing is weak.

It’s flat, predictable, and uninteresting. It lacks depth and vitality. It doesn’t grab the reader’s attention quickly.

Or it might be that the story, characters, language, or settings don’t show originality; everybody’s writing on that topic, and publisher are sick of seeing it.

Here are some resources to improve your writing.

Failure to Be Published: Harsh Reality
After twenty-something years of trying to publish her novel(s), Nicola Morgan, the author of this blog post admits, “I wasn’t good enough. And maybe . . . sorry . . . you aren’t either. But maybe, by listening and learning and improving, you can become good enough.”

Basic Writing Principles Across All Media
Scroll down to see the excellent tips.

Write Better
This is a (short) list of (long) articles from Writer’s Digest, covering novels, memoirs, and interviews with some well-known authors.

To rise above the mediocre writing out there and attract a publisher’s attention, we have to constantly tweak our writing, making it as strong and engaging as is humanly possible.

That’s our mission.

To read more about strengthening your writing and getting it published, click on Polish and Publish at the top right of this page.

And if you’ve recently had writing rejected, “3 Critical Steps After Rejection,” by Jane Friedman should strengthen your resolve.

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